At the Stratford Library a group of young children were a part of a group project where they practiced painting a fish or underwater creature and added it to a panel which now is mounted in the children’s sections of the library. There were many children involved and each one created an expression of their sea creature. The background was painted by Karen Baxter along with the underwater diver, which was modeled by her daughter Maryann. Then the children went to work with their masterpieces. It is a beautiful addition to the children’s section of the Stratford Library. Located in Stratford New Jersey.


Money Origami

Next time you want to leave a tip for your waiter or waitress try leaving your bill in a more interesting way…

Dalton Ghetti is responsible for creating these amazing sculptures. He uses a sculpting knife, razor blade and needle to carve the lead– AND he refuses to use a magnifying glass. He has never sold a piece of his work, just given some to friends.

Saxton Freymann who is now 50, presently lives in New York City with his wife and three children. This gifted artist carved the fruits and vegetables into various forms like animals and human faces with different expressions.

How many of you are longing to create something but are afraid of failing….? Well, you are not alone. Studies show that one of the top reasons for not trying is the fear of failing. That is true for art at well. Most people will be quick to tell you that they can’t even draw stick people. Well, we can guarantee, yes guarantee, that you can draw. What you need to realize is that you do not need to be taught how to draw…you need to be taught how to see. You need to draw what you see. If I were to ask you to draw an apple, you would immediately think of a circle and the color red. An apple is not a perfect round circle, it has curves and dips in it’s shape. The color is not red, it is many colors. The apple takes on the reflective colors of what is around it, it has darks and lights.

Put yourself to a test. No one has to see what you are doing. In the privacy of your own room, take a sketch pad and pencil and put your feet up on a table or chair in front of you. Get very comfortable… then, start drawing your feet! Don’t draw what you know that feet look like, but draw every line as you see it. Pick a starting point, it could be any point and start following the line and change as the line changes. If the line is straight, then, draw a straight line, if the line curves or bends, draw the curve. Don’t think about drawing feet, just draw the lines. When you are done you will see that it truly resembles your feet.

Or you can take a picture of anything, and turn it up side down. Then try drawing it. You brain will have to let you draw what you see and not what you know, because it cannot understand what it is because it is up side down. You are actually tricking your own brain. Try it….it is pretty amazing.