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“In His Victory”

In His Victory

In His Victory


The 14-year-old son of rock singer John Mellencamp has won his first bout in the Indiana Golden Gloves boxing tournament. Hud Mellencamp earned a 4-1 decision over Tate Sturgeon of Lafayette, Indiana, on Thursday night (March 20th) in a 132-pound bout at the Tyndall Armory in Downtown Indianapolis. Mellencamp boxes for the Indy PAL / Christamore House Boxing Club.  This painting of Hud Mellencamp “In His Victory” was donated by Linda and Karen to help raise funds for The Indy/Pal Organization’s annual dinner, which was held April 14th.                        

They were very happy to participate in this project.  


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The Large Bathers, 1906 Paul Cézanne, French Oil on canvas 82 7/8 x 98 3/4 inches (210.5 x 250.8 cm) Purchased with the W. P. Wilstach Fund, 1937 W1937-1-1 [ More Details ] Cézanne and Beyond February 26, 2009 – May 31, 2009 Paid Tickets Required – On Sale Now Member tickets – Members See it Free Hotels & Travel Join the discussion >> Paul Cézanne’s posthumous retrospective at the Salon d’Automne in 1907 was a watershed event in the history of art. The immediate impact of this large presentation of his work on the young artists of Paris was profound. Its ramifications on successive generations down to the present are still in effect. Exhibition Minutes Artists take from other great artists when they need to become more themselves…  Also available in This exhibition features forty paintings and twenty watercolors and drawings by Cézanne, displayed alongside works by several artists for whom Cézanne has been a central inspiration and whose work reflects, both visually and poetically, Cézanne’s extraordinary legacy. Based on the remarkable resources of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, both in its holdings of major works by Cézanne and in its large collections of early modernist works—thanks to A. E. Gallatin and Louise and Walter Arensberg—this show is a unique occasion to experience the continuing impact of this influential painter.  


Some interesting information about The Large Bathers… critics asked that Cezanne change the crude position of the one bather on the right hand side.  Originally the bather was bending over with her bottom facing the others.  The critics felt this was unacceptable.  Cezanne did not like having to change his painting because of other’s opinion.  He did change the position of the bather, but he did with in a way that he was still  able to keep his original expression in the painting.  Look to the right of the painting at the bather that is kneeling down and facing the others.  If you look closely you will see that the bather was originally bending over…

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Here’s the poster for my wife, Li Qin’s upcoming senior exhibition in photography opening at Ganton Art Gallery, Spring Arbor University, Sunday April 5. Her show will consist of 21 color photographs taken in China summer 2008.

The show demonstrates state of the art digitally processed museum quality color prints using Photoshop and other techniques to achieve a high quality color image. I remember back in the late 1980’s and 1990’s when I first developed the computer graphics lab at Spring Arbor University, I was dismayed by the level of quality possible in digital imaging and refused to buy a digital camera until the year 2000 as I went back to China to teach.

In the intervening years the possibilities of digital imaging increased to a level where this kind of highly saturated and balanced color photo image can be achieved in the computer lab instead of the darkroom.

Anyone interested in color photography should see this exhibition of photographs to see what can now be achieved. I’m very pleased and proud of the work Li Qin has done in developing the 21 prints in this exhibition. The photos are available for sale, sizes of work in the show range from 9” x 16” to 14” x 18”(print size).

The photos were shot using a Nikon D-80 camera with AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm 1:35-5.6 G ED lens.

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