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Deborah Cavenaugh is a self-taught American watercolor artist working in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her colorful and inspirational fine art and prints invite viewers into a world where she explores the familiar subjects of home and family.

Deborah Cavenaugh is a self-taught artist. She began painting on Mother’s Day in 1992 after her children presented her with a box of watercolors they bought in a toy store.

In late 1993, Cavenaugh took a couple of the paintings she had made (mostly to make her children happy) out from under the bed where she kept them stored.  Her bold idea was to frame a few pieces for her own bedroom.  A local frame shop happened to send Cavenaugh a coupon.  The frame shop happened to be owned by a gallery.  The gallery owner happened to be in the frame shop that day, saw Cavenaugh’s work, and put her under contract right then.  The next week, three paintings sold.

 the home built in the heart goes with you alwaysCavenaugh still didn’t take it seriously, however.  It wasn’t until about six months later when she was offered a show at a popular local-art’s restaurant, that Cavenaugh decided to paint as hard as she could for one year and see what would happen.  That was in March of 1994.

Today, Cavenaugh has had over 75 shows.  Galleries from Maine to Florida have hosted her work.  Her original art hangs in private collections across the country and in many foreign countries. Cavenaugh is a respected commission painter, loved for her portraits of families, houses, and pets… and for the  blessings she writes on every painting.   She has a popular website with a store that offers about 300 different prints.  Her print and card lines are distributed internationally. She has been featured in newspapers, magazines, NPR, and on television.  An author and illustrator, Deborah is represented by Linda Konner Literary Agency in NYC.

every day...filled with thanksgivingDeborah Cavenaugh paints comfortable scenes and familiar images from life as we know it. She invites the viewer into her world—a world that they already recognize from their own.  Cavenaugh’s watercolors are colorful and complicated.  She is known for the sayings she writes on each and every piece—sayings, Cavenaugh says, are “all about making life a little easier, a little more joyful, and helping us all to recognize that on any day, while the list of all that is going wrong could be written down, the list of all that is going right could never be finished”.



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pearTerry Border was a commercial photographer before his hobby of making mobiles and other whimsical things out of wire took hold.  He blended his two expressive art forms and now creates these lovely little pieces of art.  Terry lives in Indiana and creates art using pieces of food, found objects and wire.  He then adds a funny little twist to the pieces…


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There is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Hwy. 25 in rural Iowa. For generations, kids have painted slogans, names, and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times. The rock received its latest paint job, and since then it has been left completely undisturbed. This rock has been painted in a patriotic theme since 1999. It started when Ray Sorensen was inspired by a movie, Saving Private Ryan. He wanted to say thank you to the veterans who fight for our freedom. It’s quite an impressive sight. Here is a photo of the first rock that wast painted in 1999 and the latest rock (same rock) painted today.

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If these wonderful creatures can do it, why can’t you? Try your hand, (or in this case, your mouth or your nose) at a piece of art. A finished piece of art is not right or wrong, it is an expression of your inner self.  Express yourself and dare to be lousy.


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Singer John Mellecamp’s son, Hud Mellencamp won his first fight in an Indiana Golden Glove tournament in Indianapolis back in April. Hud took home a trophy and division title for his performance. Linda and Karen donated a painting of his son called “In His Victory” to help raise money at a silent auction for the Police Athletic League. Unfortunately, the Mellencamp’s were unable to attend that fund raiser and the painted was purchased by someone else. Upon the request of the Mellencamp family, the two artist painted another painting of Hud Mellencamp called “The First Victory”. This painting has a unique addition to it… It has the two artist painted into the audience. Linda and Karen are big fans of the music of John Mellencamp and now of his son. A portion of the proceeds from this painting are again being donated to the PAL organization. A wonderful organization that does so much for children. Please support your local PAL Chapter. National PAL provides Chapter members opportunities to bring their young athletes together to compete in a championship environment in several sports.

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